There’s a deer leg in the tree…

I kid you not. Our neighbors, whom we have not yet met, and whom seem peculiar based on certain things, have put a deer leg in an aspen tree right near the edge of the property line. I cannot even begin to tell you how seriously skeeved this makes me, as I adore deer and despise hunting (except in places where it’s a method of subsistence).

Who does something so incredibly bizarre? They have this teensy house… seriously, it can’t be more than 1400 sq feet and that’s a generous guess. They have no fewer than 6 vehicles, including an ugly old school bus which has never moved as long as we’ve been coming to the house/living here. Oh, and that’s outside the two car garage, though maybe that’s the slaughterhouse.

I don’t know… it’s like, do they want to attract mountain lions and/or bears??? What could they be thinking???

So, yeah… we’re moved in. Welcome to the new neighborhood.

Honestly, it’s nice. This town is somewhat odd, in that in most areas you get really nice houses mixed in with houses that look like they belong on the Beverly Hillbillies. People will have all sorts of junk in their yards and the houses are run down - and don’t do much to help increase your property values! Here, in this area, the houses are all well-maintained and the yards are clean… all for our damn neighbors and their car collections, junk and bizarre animal rituals. The only upside is, their tiny little house doesn’t have any windows on the side that faces us… yeah, I said they were weird.

The Humane Society of the United States

I feel strongly about this, so I’m sharing. I’ve been boycotting Canadian seafood for about 3 years now… and will do so until this inhumane practice is stopped!

I’d write more, but I hurt my arm yesterday… fell down some stairs like an idiot. But we own a house now, I didn’t get pregnant this month and we’re moving in under two weeks! It’s been a roller coaster of a ride, and we’re SO busy… I hope to update as soon as my arm feels better.

Crazy busy…

First things first…

Happy 2nd birthday, Anna. :)

So this week we’ve been married three whole years. And Monday, barring unforseen problems, we close on our first house. That’s our anniversary gift to each other this year, haha.

Monday we bought some furniture. We got this coffee table and the matching sofa table. The chaturbate picture does not do it justice… it’s a gorgeous piece. We also got this sofa and the matching loveseat for our living room. The green sofa has this threading through it that you can’t see in pics. It’s sort of deep terracota color and matches the paint color we selected for that room.

We also got recliners for downstairs, in the TV room… there won’t be a TV in the living room (we’re freaks, we only have one and I like it that way!). We still need to get bookcases, and eventually we want to get a few accent pieces of furniture, but for now we’ll make do. We’re on a budget, ya know???

So far I like my new job. The first week of calls was really hard, since I had a lot of technical issues to work through, but now it seems to have straightened out and things are going a lot more smoothly. My call times are getting better and my coaches say that I’m doing a good job (yay!). Everyone is so nice and I am enjoying not having to go into work every day. Since our new house is further out, that’s a good thing. My old job was about 35 minutes from here… from the new house it would’ve been about 50 minutes.

No big announcements, I’m afraid. This second cycle off the Pill was really messed up. It seemed I was about to ovulate… even got a positive ovulation predictor test. And then my temps never supported that, and my period never started, either. It was really frustrating. A week ago my doctor did a bunch of blood tests, but I live in the sticks and it takes FOREVER to get our blood work back.

Anyway, then it seemed I was fertile again… and now apparently Fertility Friend has decided my temps DO support ovulation. Except it’s for cycle day 27 instead of 13… argh. I’d hoped maybe to give my hub the gift of knowing he’d soon be a Daddy (to a human, instead of dogs, lol) for our anniversary, but alas, it’s not to be.

So, I have an appointment with the jasminelive specialist soon and we’ll see what he has to say. I’m thinking of joining Curves - there’s one here in the town we live in now. I’m not sure. I’m also planning to start walking once we move and it’s possible again. I’ve always felt walking was a great way for me to work out and it was very soothing to me - a great stress reliever. I hated the treadmill, but give me a track to walk on - or even a sidewalk (uh, or a dirt road???) and I was very happy.

In any case, my dogs could use the exercise, too! And so can my husband… lol.

Sooo… that’s the big update. More soon. Have a great holiday, those who celebrate one.

The inspection went well…

We were scared earlier this week because there were a few issues with the title on the house, but those matters were resolved and we went ahead with our inspection. All is good. There are a few issues… but nothing that would make us back out of the deal. We both love the house more every time we go there. We’re hoping they will fix the problems, or offer to come to the table with some money to help us with fixing the problems… but even if they don’t (supposedly they have no money for repairs) we’re not walking away from this house. It’s too perfect.

So… we’re in the anxious waiting part, but we don’t expect anything to ruin the deal.


Not much new…

So, I’ve finished my training for my new job and I’m going to be 100% working live calls tomorrow. I’m nervous, but so far the calls have gone okay. The biggest problem I’ve had is issues with the online desktop I log into. Ugh. It gets all hung up and that’s really frustrating.

We have our inspection this week on the house. We picked out paint colors over the weekend… I really hope everything is good with the inspection. Our damn landlord is such an annoying bitch. She complained SO much to the chick from our property management company, that she decided to turn the call over the her boss. Now her boss is coming out to do an inspection, nevermind we just had one in December. All this because we don’t feel we should have to take pictures of the house. My hub is planning to tell the Jasmin live woman who’s coming now that she can’t take pictures. It’s not in our lease, and our landlord has been nothing but trouble since Day One. She refuses to fix stuff, she waited so long to approve the fixing of three windows downstairs that it was too far into the fall to take them out and get them fixed (there will be nothing there when they finally do it). She’s impossible. We want her to take better care of her house than she apparently wants to, and she returns the favor by acting like we’ve done something awful to her damn, piece of crap house. Not to mention, she insults the damn property management company, too, but acting like the chick they sent out here is lying to her about something. UGH!

Sooo… we’re fed up. I really want this house, for a zillion reasons… mostly because it’s fabulous and we love it, but also because I am so ready to be done with the process and on to packing and getting the hell out of this place. In all honestly, most of the problems are just minor annoyances… but there are like 36 of them, and to get the attitude we’ve been getting from the owner when she won’t fix stuff really bugs us.

On the Mission front, I’m not sure if I ovulated this month or not. My temps and OPK didn’t line up, but the ovulation predictors did come back positive one day last week. Fertility Friend refused to give me an O date, so I finally did override and let the OPK determine my O date. That’s means I’m a few days past ovulation and in the “two week wait” to see if I’m pregnant… except that I’m not really sure if I did ovulate or not, so who knows? We had plenty of sex (sure you all needed to know that) and by the end of the week, we’d both had more than enough of the sex-on-demand crap. I felt like it was about as romantic as a turkey baster…

So, since I was getting so frustrated, between that and the fact that I STILL didn’t know if I ovulated, my husband reminded me, very gently, that I’d told him once that stress can interfere with pregnancy. He pointed out that plenty of people get pregnant without shoving thermometers in their mouths every morning, and that maybe I needed a break… at the end, he told me he’d do what I decided, but I realized he was right. It was driving me crazy. I put the thermometer away and I’m taking a break from that for the rest of this cycle. We’ll see what happens at the end… because of the lack of “official” info on an O date, I’m not really expecting to find myself pregnant at the end of this cycle. That won’t keep me from dreaming, or hoping, or imagining every little odd thing my body does is a pregnancy symptom for the next ten days or so… but I’ll still be shocked if I get a positive pregnancy test out of this mess of a cycle.

My sleep disorder causes part of the problem… since I wake up at screwy times several times a week or more, my temps can’t be trusted. Which means I’m probably better off relying on the OPK… and frankly, my regular doctor made a point of seeing if I got a positive on one last month, which probably means she puts more stock in them than she does in temping.

My body showed all the signs that I ovulated or was going to… so we’ll have to wait and see if I get my period as anticipated. I do have an appointment at the end of the month to get my hormone levels tested, so hopefully the news from that will be good.

Anyway, that’s all that’s new here… working, hoping to get our house and dreaming of two pink (or blue) lines!

ARGH - this house stuff is nuts!

Okay, so last Sunday we decided not to buy the house. Then we went and saw several houses on Monday. One of them was “the house” but it was really out of our price range. We thought since it was on the market since September, we might be able to talk them down.

Friday we got our our answer… and it was too much. So we walked away. Yesterday, we were going to look at two more houses. We decided if we can’t have “the” house, we’d find “a” house and just plan to be there for a few years until we can afford nicer. Well, the original house is back on the market at a much lower price… so we were considering putting another offer in on that house, and seeing what happens.

In the meantime, our agent talked to the “dream” house agent… she was really shocked and upset that we weren’t moving forward, and indicated that there might be more room for negotiating. So, we talked about it and decided it’s too perfect to let go without trying. We figured out our bottom line, the most we could pay, and our agent was to talk to the seller’s agent and see if they could meet it. It’s $10 grand below their counter offer, but maybe… today we’re going to see it again. It was nearing dark when we saw it the first time.

So… that’s the house update.

On the update, I’m showing signs that I’m getting ready to ovulate. I hope that it happens again… and that this month we get our + test. We decided to BD (that’s dance, for those not in the TTC place yet) every fertile day this cycle, to see if that helps. Or more, I decided and my hub kindly aggreed.

So… we’ll see what happens, on both the house and fronts! If we get this house, our close date would be April 9th. If I ovulate as expected, I’ll know by then whether or not this cycle is “the cycle.”

I hate all this waiting.