Thank you so much!

Thanks so much for the wonderful, supportive comments you all left on my last post! They’ve cheered me up over the past few days.

I feel sorta crappy. I believe I came down with the sinus infection my hub had last week. Except the poor man, he started getting better after seeing the doctor, and now he’s worse again. He has to call him doctor for a different medication, because clearly the Z-Pack didn’t get it done. I called my own doctor Friday to ask if she’d call me in something, so I haven’t gotten as sick as he’s been… but my head is pounding like there’s a drummer in it, and every time I stand, this one particular spot threatens to blow up. Ouch. My face hurts from sinus pressure, my eyes look sunken in my head.

Bah, I’m miserable.

Interesting thing happened yesterday. My husband mentioned that he’s lost 13. something pounds, and I was happy for him. However, I didn’t realize he’d lost so much already, and I felt kind of bad because compared to my loss, it seemed so much bigger. Then this morning I got on the scale, and since the ultra-cool scale stores your start weight, I saw that I’m actually down 12. something pounds since I first got WI on it. So what the hell was I depressed about??? Duh. I didn’t realize I’d come that far already… and, anyway, as my hub pointed out, I do eat more calories (and a higher percentage of fat) than he does. So really, I have no reason to complain if he’s losing faster. Besides that, he is a man, and all women know men lose faster (and all women with weight problems struggle to not hate their husbands for it!!!)

Anyway, with both of us sick, we didn’t go to the birthday party for my friend’s daughter yesterday. I feel a bit bad about it, but I’m sort of annoyed with my friend anyway (long story). So, since we were both miserable, I’m not feeling especially guilty. I do feel bad for my mom, though… originally, she was supposed to be going to the party late, but she didn’t have to work. Oddly enough, she ended up not really having anyone to talk to most of the party, from what she said. This is strange, because my mother can talk to anyone… she said she just wasn’t in the mood to push her way into conversations, and she ended up helping with clean up (she’s been a waitress for caterers for years, and it’s like ingrained in her or something).

I ended up not journaling yesterday, but frankly, I didn’t overeat anyway. I wasn’t in the mood to eat much, and we each ordered a couple of slices of pizza for dinner. I find myself lacking the energy required to chew much. I think I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast, since it requires little effort. When I’m sick, I find I generally want to eat carbs. Last night, after the pizza, I was nauseated, so that certainly kept me from eating much more for the night. I don’t think I was over my calories… in fact, I probably just barely hit my target.

I feel slightly better today, but I cancelled the job interview I was supposed to have today. I called to reschedule for next week. It’s only a part time position, and the location really sucks… it’s just hard to get to. Requires both the subway and a bus, which stinks. It’s a job, though, so I’ll go. I just wasn’t up to it today, and besides, with how terrible I look, the odds of anyone hiring me today are slim! I’d probably scare the .

Thanksgiving is upon us! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone… or how long the past two months have seemed. :P I’d really hoped to celebrate in our new (rented) house in Colorado, but clearly that isn’t happening. I’m not giving up hope for Christmas just yet, though! It’s unlikely, I admit… but never say never, right?

I hope it’s not too windy on Thursday… the Macy’s Parade just isn’t the same without the balloons!