Not buying the house…

We realized that we couldn’t buy the house we loved. With no garage and the little things the inspector pointed out, we just decided not to. Plus, if we wanted to put in a garage we found out it would cost like $30,000!!! So we walked away.

We’re back in the house hunt… except we think we found our house last night. We raised our price limit, and this house is currently over what we can pay, so we’d need to talk them down. However, the house has been on the market since September, so I have a feeling we might be able to do that. It’s just amazing… it’s over 3,000 sq ft. It’s on an acre, but positioned really well. It’s right next to National Forest. The views… oh, the views. They are breathtaking. It’s right at the foot of Mount Evans, basically. It’s gorgeous. The yards are immaculately landscaped (which we couldn’t exactly see under the snow, but there are pictures). There’s a gazebo. The decks are fabulous… redwood and huge. The front porch is totally covered and feels very Victorian… actually, though it’s a raised ranch, the house has a very Victorian feel. i wouldn’t be surprised if the current owner is from back east because the decor she favors has a very East coast Victorian sort of flavor, and we think this is partly why the house hasn’t sold. It doesn’t really “fit” with the idea of a house in the foothills. The other house we wanted to buy was very Colorado. This house is not. Back east, this house could sell for 2 million where we’re from… especially if it was still on an acre.

My husband is sure this is the house (and yes, it has a garage - and a storage shed, too). I am, too… but I’m afraid to get too hopeful. He said this is the first house he can imagine us growing old in. He can see us at 70, sitting on rocking chairs on that gorgeous covered porch. I can, too… which is why I’m afraid to believe! With the other houses we’ve seen, we have figured we’d spend five or six years in them before moving. This is a house where I can imagine us collecting stuff over the years and displaying it. It’s so big, with so much storage. It’s really a gorgeous house.

So… I’m hoping it will be ours, but not trying to get our hopes too high. There is another house our realtor really wants to show us before we bid on the house from last night. So if she can get us in before Thursday, we’ll go see it. Otherwise, we’re making an offer. I don’t know if they’ll go as low as we need them to, but there’s only one way to find out.

Maybe this month we’ll get our house… and maybe I’ll get a positive.